Great ad campaigns and a catchy slogan

Nike: Just Do It

Credits to for this excerpt from an article about effective advertising.

By far one of the most memorable marketing campaigns, Nike’s Just Do It strategy launched at a time when the sports brand was floundering behind Reebok in sales of shoes.

Searching for something that would grab attention, the people behind the campaign, which started in 1988, focused on the tagline ‘Just Do It’. This famous slogan was soon seen on banners and billboards everywhere. Why? Because it was clear, concise and emotive. Can’t be bothered to run? Just do it. Don’t think you can handle an hour at the gym? Just do it. Within ten years of its launch, the campaign had boosted Nike sales from $800 million to $9.2 billion — all due to a tagline thought up in around 20 minutes.

How can you replicate Just Do It in your marketing campaign?

The Just Do It campaign is evidence that you can build a phenomenal marketing strategy around a simple, three-word slogan. ‘Just Do It’ was seen on various banners depicting a range of sports people performing multiple exercises. The tagline, not the video or image, was the crux of the campaign.

Using banners, posters and billboards means your slogan won’t vanish until it’s taken down, unlike video or other types of advertising, which makes this strategy excellent for print marketing. If you want this type of success, perhaps adopt this strategy by concentrating on a solid slogan — that encapsulates your brand and speaks directly to your core audience — and building out from there.


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