Yard Signs/Posters

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Yard Signs, Lawn Signs, Posters and Real Estate Signs on Corrugated Plastic - Economical and Effective for Business, Property and Retail.

Versatile, Economical Corrugated Plastic Signs (Coroplast Signs) – the perfect solution when you need something fast and in full color.  Promote your street-side sale or your property with a bandit yard sign. Great for car dealerships, real estate signs, sale signs, race signs, golf tournament sponsor signs, for sale by owner signs, club information signs, construction site signs, retail and special occasions.

Vibrant colors that sell – digitally printed full-color, single or double-sided.

We use a 4mm (about 3/16”) corrugated plastic substrate, providing for a high-quality sign that is waterproof and stain resistant. A 10mm thickness material is also available on special request.  They are printed with long lasting durability in mind (typically 3 years UV life) and will stand up to the elements no matter where you live! 

Easy Pricing:
We print a large selection of sizes in sets to save you money.  For example: 24” x 18” signs are printed in sets of 10, you can typically get several versions within those 10 signs. MIX AND MATCH A FEW DESIGNS AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Cost for Package below - $88 single-sided and $110 for double-sided.

24" x 18" - Pkg of 10 24" x 16" - Pkg of 12
32" x 16" - Pkg of 9 36" x 24" - Pkg of 5
22" x 28" - Pkg of 6 48" x 24" - Pkg of 4
24" x 6" - Pkg of 32 24" x 8" - Pkg of 24
24" x 12" - Pkg of 16 24" x 24" - Pkg of 8
20" x 30" - Pkg of 6 18" x 12" - Pkg of 16
18" x 18" - Pkg of 10 16" x 12" - Pkg of 24
16" x 16" - Pkg of 18 12" x 8" - Pkg of 48
12" x 12" - Pkg of 32 48" x 9" - Pkg of 10

 H-Frames are $1.50 each with your sign order

Nine-gauge sign frames are $1.50 each with your sign order. Not all sizes of signs are suitable for H-Frames because of their size or the way the flutes run on the sign. 24" x 18" signs are the maximum size we recommend for using H-Frames.  20" x 30", 22" x 28", 24" x 24", 32" x 16", 32" x 24", 48" x 9" and 48" x 24" are not suitable.  If you are using stakes on double-sided signs, make sure you plan the art accordingly so the graphics are not covered.

Common Questions

What are yard signs made from?

Yard signs are made of corrugated plastic. Other names for the same material include coroplast, corplast, polypropylene and plastic cardboard. It is a twin-wall plastic that has fluting in the middle of two plastic sheets. Our corrugated plastic is 4 millimeters (.157 inches) thick. This material provides an excellent combination of affordability and durability.

Do you print 1, 2, 3 and full-color signs?

All yard signs are printed in full color with UV ink. The number of colors does not affect the final price of the sign.

Can I order double-sided yard signs? Can the back-side image be different from the front?

Yes, you can order single or double-sided yard signs. Using different designed sides is common when the lawn sign will be used for directional purposes.

Do you offer wire stakes or h-frames for yard signs?

Yes, we offer wire stakes (also called h-frames or step stakes) with our yard signs. The dimensions of the frames are typically 10” x 30 and are made from 9 gauge steel.

What are common sizes for yard signs?

The most common size of yard sign is 24”x18”. This is the size of most real estate and political yard signs. Other common sizes include 24”x12”, 18”x12”, 36”x18” and 2’x2’, 4’x4’ and 4’x8’. We offer many standard sizes, but we can accommodate your custom needs. We do not recommend h-frames for any sign bigger than 24” x 18”. Also, our maximum dimension for printing corrugated plastic is 96” x 48”.

How long will yard signs last?

Although designed to be temporary, corrugated plastic yard signs can last a few years with proper placement and care. Our yard signs are weather resistant. They are printed with UV ink which means they are fade resistant. Any sign that is used for a long period will eventually fade. Short term, our signs will not streak or smear in rainy conditions. The greatest concern with yard signs should be high winds or extreme weather. These signs simply aren’t produced to withstand extreme weather. We recommend removing and storing yard signs if extreme weather is imminent.

How do I install yard signs? What are flutes?

Installation of yard signs is extremely easy. In most cases they will go in a lawn in front of a home or business. For these instances it is recommended that a h-frame or wire stakes be purchased as well. These frames will insert into the fluting (the hollow tunnels of the corrugated plastic) of the yard sign. For vertical signs the fluting will be vertical so that the h-frames can be inserted. Once the frame is inserted into the yard sign you simply need to step on the lower cross bar of the frame and insert it into the ground. Removing the yard signs is as easy as pulling the frame out of the ground and removing the sign from the frame itself.