Appreciate Your Progress and Celebrate!

Posted by Kathleen Kessinger on

The beginning of a New Year is often the starting block for many of us to assess our life's goals and create a plan to achieve more success and fulfillment. Dr BJ Fogg, renowned author and expert on habit formation, has just launched his latest book, Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything.  The 2 main principles he teaches are 1) Change your Environment and 2) Take Baby Steps.

Having a tangible and visual record of the accomplishment of those baby steps will encourage and inspire you, your classroom, your team, or your family along the path to change. It can be a simple goal chart on the wall or a large sized banner or dry erase board for all to see and participate. At Same Day Sign, our creative design team can develop a very personalized visual chart for your specific goals! Let us know how we can cheer you along and help you celebrate!  

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