About Us

“To give reliable service and an outstanding product. SameDaySign aims to give same day service in a hectic and busy world.”


Started in the early 80’s, the Thomas family started SameDaySign from their own hometown, building signs for their small community in the Portland area of Oregon. They used high quality materials in their vinyl banners, sturdy corrugated yard signs, durable PVC checks, and other products they labored over in order to meet the growing needs of an expanding community. Eventually, SameDaySign needed to expand from a smalltown business, branching into a website and shipping to an even wider group of customers, eventually reaching throughout the United States. While this change prevented same-day products, the Thomas family still gave their best with same day service, the same dedication that had grown their business over the years.


In 2019, the Thomas family decided to retire, but needed a family with the same dedication to hard work and amazing service that could take on this labor of love. It took some time, but eventually Greg Kessinger and his wife Kathleen, along with their son Maxwell, filled the position as owner of SameDaySign. While they still have a lot to learn, they are committed to giving the dependable service and great products that has made SameDaySign shine.


Still located in Oregon, this hard-working trio works together in the family business…when their dog, two cats, and eight chickens aren’t causing chaos. They maintain their manufacturing facilities throughout the states, allowing customers and friends to order their products knowing they will arrive quickly and in pristine condition without raising the costs.


We understand that you want a quality product quickly, and you don’t want to break the bank getting it. We choose to use high quality materials made within the United States, and while it may take a few days to get you your product, we pass our savings onto you. With our focus in custom work, we keep constant communication during any of our orders and have clear details regarding prices and shipping on our website, but are more than happy to answer any of them through our email. With our expanding product selection and new materials, we’re sure we can tackle many projects.

We’re glad to be working with you, and look forward to the years to come!


-- SameDaySign Family