Mesh banners vs standard vinyl banners

Posted by Curt Thomas on

Mesh banners are a great solution when you are concerned about wind damage. Wind resistance is reduced by 37% from micro punctures in the material. They have hems and grommets, like our standard vinyl banners, and are great for fences and for large banners where weight is a concern. Mesh banners are around $1 per square foot more and are also a quick turnaround product. We suggest mesh banners over 8' have webbing sewn in the top and bottom hems, which is $1 more per lineal foot (e.g., a 10' x 3' banner would be $20 more with webbing).

Pros and Cons of Mesh Banners

+ Higher percentage of wind passes through banner 
+ Less risk wind damage and fences blowing down in high winds
- Banner has transparency when back lit

Pros and Cons of Banners with Wind Slits

+ Most vibrant graphics with no transparency
- Less wind passes through than mesh banners
- Increased risk of banner damage and fences blowing down in high winds

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