Motivating and Encouraging your Running Friends and Family!

Posted by Greg Kessinger on

Spring is the start of running competitions and training, training, training! Even the most self-motivated runner can use some encouragement along the way. Simply showing interest in their training and goals will be a huge motivator. Offer to meet them for coffee, smoothie or meal after a training run. If your runner is a family member create a goal chart that celebrates their accomplishments along the way to being prepared for the next big race...and when that race day comes, Be There to cheer, encourage and celebrate. 

At Same Day Sign, we have created a fun collection of race signs that are designed for supporters along the race course. Check it out here: Race Mini Banners for support of racers – Same Day Sign

And for more creative sign ideas and running motivation in general...check out this great blogger who loves the sport of running! Funny Marathon Signs for Spectators - Run For Good (


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