Shipping: Estimates assume shipping to a business address in the continental United States. Customers may be charged extra for residential delivery and for faster forms of shipping. Delivery is not allowed to a PO Box. WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR SHIPPING ERRORS/DELAYS OUT OF OUR CONTROL.
We try to accurately estimate charges for shipping on our web site, but carriers change costs frequently and the mix of products ordered leads to faulty calculations from time to time. If an estimate is inaccurate, you will be notified prior to production.

Returns: We are happy to replace products or make corrections when we have made an error or the item comes to you damaged. We cannot replace items after they are used. With few exceptions, our products are made as they are ordered and most are customized. We therefore cannot accept returns. We use responsible shipping companies, but Same Day Sign cannot be responsible for lost or delayed items resulting from weather conditions or shipping errors.

If, under special circumstances a return is authorized by Same Day Sign, it must be in writing. Once you have the written authorization you can return the product at your expense. Any damages in shipping that may occur are at the risk of the customer. If you are authorized to return a product, all returns need to be shipped to the following address unless we give specific directions otherwise:

Same Day Sign, 2850 SW Cedar Hills Blvd., #11, Beaverton, OR 97005

Banners: We are proud of our products and hope you are very happy with your purchase.  We strive to give you the best price and match the product with your need.  Our banners come in varying weights and options.  Our standard material for banners is tough, but not tough enough for all circumstances.  Please talk to us about your application. 

How a banner is hung is a large factor in how long it lasts, so be diligent.  Normally, banners should be hung using ALL grommets and attachments provided.  You should examine the banners you get before they are hung to determine if everything is satisfactory and let us know before they are hung if there is a problem.  We are happy to correct any mistakes we have made.  Once banners are hung, we cannot be responsible for damages due to the elements.

Dry Erase Products and Use of Dry Erase Markers
Markers can get old and go bad. The bottom line: test your marker in a small area to make sure it erases. If it does not work, replace the marker. We cannot be responsible if your marker does not work on your purchased dry erase product. Use a soft, dry cloth for best results erasing.

Artwork Format, Sending Files: For production purposes, we like Adobe Illustrator (AI), EPS and PDF files. We can also use GIFS, PNGS and JPEGS, but print quality can degrade. When sending files, please convert all fonts to outlines/graphics. If possible, please send an additional jpeg file for viewing. You are responsible for the quality of the artwork you send and that it is suitable for the intended use. Keep in mind your art may be enlarged to fit the product we are putting it on.

You can upload art on many of the product pages, proof requests or email artwork to reachus@samedaysign.net when files are less than 9 megs. Use a service, like Dropbox for larger files.

General Vinyl Application Instructions and Information:

A handy person with proper instructions can install moderately sized Vinyl Decals. When installing decals larger than truck door-sized, it is suggested that an experienced person do the installation. 
We print and laminate to a material manufactured and purchased from reliable major suppliers.  An adhesive adhesion problem is very unlikely and would involve an entire lot from the manufacturer. Our warranty extends to printing only unless it has been determined to come from a defective lot of material. All other problems including adhesion issues are assumed to be from improper conditions or installation related. 


The following states the Same Day Sign policy regarding the privacy rights of visitors to this website. We respect your right to privacy and your desire for a secure online shopping experience.
Information we collect and how it's used:

We collect aggregate information on visits made to our pages. This information helps us improve the content of our site. When you contact us or purchase a product, we ask you for some or all of the following information: name, address, phone number, e-mail address and credit card. This information is used for follow up, to process your order and to contact you for marketing purposes. All information we collect is stored in a secure database. We destroy credit card information as soon as possible after use.
We also collect e-mail addresses voluntarily to inform our customers about orders and products. You may get periodic marketing emails from us. If you do not wish to receive such mailings, please let us know by opting out or calling us.
Children (Under 18)
For their protection, we ask that children do not submit information to us without the consent of a parent or guardian.

Disclosure of Information Policy
We never make your e-mail address available to any other company or organization.