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Customized Presentation Checks

Get ready for your next big event with our wide selection of big checks for presentation! Many of our giant novelty checks can be customized with your company logo, personalized text and prices, and unique colors and backgrounds!

These giant fake award presentation checks come in a variety of materials, so check out our products below to find out which is best for you!

Single Use Giant Novelty Check

Need a large scholarship check for a grand event, or want to make a moment special with a large donation? Send your custom designs to us and we'll build your ideal award check!

Give a Great Gift!

Large or Repeat Events?

We've got you covered with our package deals on rigid hardback large checks for presentation, dryErase reusable checks, and economy card stock hand-held checks!

  • Package of Custom Big Checks

    Let everyone show off their award checks with these handy bundles of customizable hardback checks!

    Hardback Check Package 
  • DryErase Checks

    Be ready for back-to-back events with these reusable big checks for presentations!

    Dry Erase Presentation Checks 
  • Economy Giant Checks

    Affordable, light-weight, and still crystal clear, these heavy card stock novelty giant checks are perfect for any event!

    Economy Checks