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For Sale By Owner Signs - Custom package

For Sale By Owner Signs - Custom package


For Sale By Owner Signs

Corrugated Plastic - 4mm thick material, double-sided and single-sided, with or without frames.


  • 24" x 18" double-sided with or without frames

  • 32" x 24" single-sided or double-sided

These signs will be customized with your phone number, email and address Only If They Are Entered And If The Version(s) You Choose Allow A Space For It. The area will be left blank if nothing is entered when ordering. The lettering will be in the position and color as shown. Size will be determined by our graphic artists. No proof will be provided unless specifically requested. Note that some sign versions allow for phone, email and/or address and others do not. Carefully choose the ones that are best for you.

Corrugated signs are sold in packages based on size. You can choose a mix of signs with different art. For example, the 24" x 18" sign size has 10 in a package and you may choose one or more different sign versions totaling 10. Having 1 in your cart means you want 1 set of 10 signs. Having 2  in your cart means you want 20 signs (2 packages of 10). Use the version text field to indicate exactly how many of each sign version (1A, 1B...) you want.


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