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Lot Signs - Custom logo and wording

Lot Signs - Custom logo and wording


Contractor Lot Signs

Corrugated Plastic - 4mm thick material, double-sided and single-sided, with or without frames.


  • 24" x 18" single-sided and double-sided, with or without frames

  • 32" x 24" single-sided and double-sided

These signs will be customized with your custom information

Corrugated signs are sold in packages based on size. You can choose a mix of signs with different art. For example, the 24" x 18" sign size has 10 in a package and you may choose one or more different sign versions totaling 10. Having 1 in your cart means you want 1 set of 10 signs. Having 2  in your cart means you want 20 signs (2 packages of 10). Use the version text field to indicate exactly how many of each sign version (1A, 1B...) you want.

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